Saturday, September 03, 2005

Just Rambling On....

I now feel old.... When i first started wrestling, i was invincible..........I couldnt be hurt... No bump, no slam, no crazy ass flip on my head and neck could make me say ouch... But now i cant roll over in bed without worrying about straining my back. I cant walk down my stairs without my ankles screaming for mercy... and to think i used to do backflips off of things for fun. Now i cant get out of a car without seriously wondering if thats too much stress on my legs. Its pathetic. I was told when i started to smarten up, i basically said fuck you, nothing can stop me. Now i wish i could go back and punch myself in the testicles. I think what has made me this way is that for the last 4 years i wrestled at least once a week.... if not a show i wrestled at camp (or cwf practice) and sometimes i wrestled twice three or four times a week on a lucky week. So my body was moving at such a pace i had no time to stop and see the damage that wrestling was doing. Til January of 2005.........I moved to Florida for the best thing to happen in my life... my fiancee' I moved here on december 26th... no long term plan, no months to plan, no saved money.... just up and move randomly.... that will probly be the last random thing i will ever do. So on January 8th, 2005 i had my "going away match" where i would leave on a high note while bringing in my "protege" (actually a really close personal friend who i happened to train) who just so happened to have a similar gimmick and style. My job that night was simple... To help Dragon look his best..... Normally i would say "to make dragon look good" But you cant MAKE someone look good if they dont have something there to mold. BUT i didnt want to just go out there, for my last match, and do anything normal. I decided go break the barriers and break some rules..... i always cared about time.... the shorter the match, the better in my book.... But fuck that i was getting ALL my shit in this time... and on top of that, this was gonna be japanese style (in my mind at least) I mean that we were gonna be stiff, hit a move...go for a pin.. they kick out...get picked up hit another move, go for a pin and so on.... basically it was supposed to have zero psychology and i knew that. But who cares it was gonna be fun... damn this one is long!! On the car ride up we discussed the match....I told him that if i got hurt and passed out anytime during the match, he better hit me with a move and pin me.... i said "if you just pin me or call for help when i wake up i will seriously kick your face in" he was hesitant but knew i was serious so he said ok... This may shock some people, cuz only one person knows this... but half way through the match i got pissed.... something inside my head clicked on and i started to hate the crowd with a passion... i dont know why... that has never ever happened before... maybe i was overcome with heat from the match... or maybe cuz they started cheering for dragon instead of me... or maybe cuz they wanted more even though i couldnt give it to them(or didnt know how) ... But i hated them, all of them.... FUck them, Fuck the guys watching in the back... This match was about ME... i didnt care about psychology, time, finishers, illegal moves, the crowd, I just didnt give a fuck... When i went to the top rope, i hesitated to make a cross on my chest with my hands.... not as a signature, not as a hand jesture, Not for the crowd or the guys in the back... I did it cuz i knew i could die doing this move.. and i wanted to be sure where i was going afterwards.... So i got up top.... thought for a second....Stood up.... Leaned a little but forward.. and jumped out... as soon as i jumped i KNEW i messed up cuz i was supposed to jump UP not out. I said "OH God no" as i was flipping cuz i saw the ground the second i hit and felt warm all of a sudden. Then I remember Dragon showing me what happened on his camera.. i couldnt comprehend it.. but i liked it.. i went out again.... then i woke to the fucking ref of the match saying something to the degree of "i never want to ref another one of your matches... YOu made me look stupid and you tried to kill each other." Well fuck you asshole. i never did anything to you, and you come to me when im almost paralyzed and say that shit... My girl wanted to shoot you and i STILL DEFENDED YOU right then........I shouldnt have... In fact i wish i could have gotten up and whooped your ass right then. But fuck that... All i wanted to do right then was go to i-hop with the boys and have fun... fuck a hospital... But i went ONLY for my one else could have made me go without forcing me.. which would have been really easy at that time lol.. But i still made it to i-hop and ate with the guys.. And i appreciate Grant for Turning around and coming back just to sit and talk for 10 minutes as i ate chicken fingers in a neck brace. I so appreciated that. and i still have a hatred for the crowd.... hell if i know why...

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Another Saturday

Well its Saturday.... Normally i would be excited as hell to go wrestle somewhere... But im stuck at home...........damnit... Not because i have to, but because i need to save a little money. October is gonna be a busy month for me... October 1st im working some show... i forgot for whom.
October 8th is the company fishing trip (i dont know how to fish) October 15th i plan to neuter my cat.....thats always fun... October 22.......nothing.............October 29th Im "booked" for Wayne in Wentworth against Ultra Dragon. Everyone tells me he wont send my plane ticket money in advance.... But if he doesnt im not going.... easy as that.. But i have been thinking about something.... Something that bothers me a little bit.... A lot of shows i have been to there are a lot of guys that wrestle ONLY to impress the guys in the locker room.... Now that confuses me... are we trying to entertain the crowd or the locker room? Im not saying theres anything wrong with that.. its just that i have seen matches be boring as hell, the crowd hated it, no response from any of the audience...........but yet when they got back to the locker room the locker room basically said it was match of the night. How so? I dont understand it. Oh well maybe one day someone will explain it to me. And another thing that i just thought of....... Jarelle Clark wrestled in the AWA Light Weight Tournament and did some amazing shit in his matches... A bunch of nice moves and highspots and a lot of flips... Everyone worshipped it... Now how come when he does it.......its great..........But if me or Xsiris were to go out there and do that it would be "too much" or "Too spotty" or "Too choreographed" (however you spell it) is it cuz he was on TNA or because it was for the awa tourney.... ? hell if i know but o well.... I love Munkey........Hes my boy...... Dude im DAREDEVIL.....i marked out for that sue me.... i am so marking out for star wars right now.... As of right now i have episode1,2,3 on dvd so now all i need is the original trilogy.. i cant wait... it will have to be in september though.. well im outta here..........if you find my blog intresting the least bit i will be suprised.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hardly Wait.

Aiight i cant wait at all for next weekend. Two days of wrestling and two nights with the CWF Crew. What more could i want. Well besides a hugh paycheck...we cant win em all.

I wrestled this past saturday for ...........SCW It was aiight. Coulda been a lot better but Paying your dues doesnt roll over from state to state.

So i get to the show an hour before anyone else..... The promoter is the first to show and basically tells me that the show is all booked up and i wont work. I dont let that stop me.
I help set the ring up....with an actual ring crew....while all the workers sat and watched...even the rookies... That Makes me sick. Here i am being four years in the sport and still helping with the ring....but people who havent worked a show yet are sitting there acting like stars.. O well. So i introduce myself to everyone and they look at me like im some mark, cuz im not 6'8 and im not wearing a t-shirt made with my gimmick name on it. So after being nice and getting starred at like a mark. I took my gear to the back and sat my ass down. Guys walked by looking at me like "why is he here?" But i stayed quiet. Then the show started... I went to the booker and said "did anyone no show?" then he said "yes, put your gear on your match 5" Boy was i fuckin happy. I looked at the sheet and realized i was in a tag team title match with a team called the HeartBreakers. They looked old school and said they were real light. As of that moment i knew they were gonna kick my ass. We didnt call anything but the finish, which is ok with me, but i just knew i was gonna die. My prediction was accurate. I got to deliver two dropkicks and take heat for 15 minutes. STIFF HEAT. i dont mean just kicks and punches i mean headlocks stiff, stops to the chest STIFF, the finish was a backdrop/clothesline off top combo.....Boy did i get murdered. But i bumped my ass off and everyone in the back that saw it agreed. Everyone loved the gimmick/mask! Its so over down here. Lets hope VA and NC like it just as much. My fiancee (oh yeah im engaged) Kristin's Favorite wrestler in the whole world is shannon moore... i want to wrestle him just so i can make fun of her. LOL. She loves that guy BUH it makes me sick..... So i told her i had a crush on amber holly when i first met her to shut her up.... DOnt worry mike it only lasted a couple years...................LOL (it stopped when i realized she wasnt a real dirtbike rider) LOL I fucked munkeys sister...........(did i say that?) oh no that wasnt me that was trent... GOD I MISS THE CREW. Lata Gotta listen to people bitch about caleb. Seriously

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Aiight i havent wrestled since May 7th... and here it is July 2nd. So im a little worried that my skills are rusted. My girlfriend has over a 1000 indy feds saved in her memory and she found a list of shows to attent in the next six months. So i am all for it. A little nervous, but all for it. I havent wrestled in Florida yet so i dont know what to expect. We decide to go to this promotion......NWA-SCW...... I emailed the promoter but never got a response. We left our house at noon and drove for an hour and a half.. and didnt get lost.. We get to a so called "fair grounds" It was nothing like i expected. We go inside the building to find a rickedy ring with the top rope only being like 3 feet tall. Loose ropes, hard bump, no entrace way, just a buiding with a ring and some chairs.. So the first thing i thought was i was back in VA. Well i was there alone for at least an hour just sitting and waiting. Then the Champion J.D. Walked in and i introduced myself. He first looked at me like a mark or a fan..........UNTIL I showed him my gear. He immediatley changed his tone. He then wanted to know who made my mask, who i worked for, who i had worked, so like i always do, i plugged CWF. One by one the wrestlers showed up. I introduced myself. They acted like they were wrestling Gods. Looking down on me. i just kept putting up chairs and helping set up.

But their champion kept showing off the mask like it was his own... He kept saying "that mask is fucking awesome" He was a total Kazi Mask Mark. Then the promoter walked in. He seemed like he didnt care about anything. Just a layed back kinda guy. J.D. Went straight to him and told him about me. "Well get in there and show me what he's got" So i got in the ring and their champ followed. and we proceeded to put on a five minute match, that made the promoter and the wrestlers that were watching pop just for my selling of forearms. So the promoter..I cant remember his name.. Immediatley put me in a match with one of their top cruiserweights. A guy called the "Hott One." Basically a miniature Low Ki. Once i met him he was a nice guy and let me call the match. 7 minute match showing a little of what i got but basically putting their regular over... I was ready... I put on the mask for the first time and it was GREAT. Only the crowd didnt know me and my mask is total heel. So after two horrendous matches it was time.

He went out first, getting a pop until he opened his mouth and pissed the crowd off. Then my new music hit. And i was suprised it got a huge pop. So i walked out. The crowd looked at me with a confused look on their face. They didnt know whether to cheer or boo.. But i managed to get a cheap pop using the clap. That was about it.. The crowd didnt know who to cheer for so they cheered for the moves. And of course i took more then i gave but they loved it. It ended with a deadly setting sun bomb and i did the job with a huge smile on my face which was hidden by the mask. It was awesome. Plus i got PAID.. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? But as i was laying there selling his finisher i looked up and saw their set up. Two movie projectors on two screens showing what was going on in the ring. Professional Lights that reacted to the music. It looked very professional. I was like damn. But then we headed home and got there at 9:30. That was a new feeling. to wrestle and get home at a decent time. God i love wrestling.

Oh and unlike Jesse Ortega i do have time to write in my blog!............. Love ya Jesse! ;)

Monday, June 20, 2005


Aiight normally i would write my life story, but now i barely have time to. I work 10 hours a day, work out for 1 hour, clean and take care of the house, and after that really have no time to even enjoy the beautiful weather down here. Im too busy trying to Make a Perfect Kazi for my CWF Return. Which now im having second thoughts about. If you know me and talk to me once in a while you know why. But for all those that dont talk to me, you will find out. I dont wanna explain it on here cuz God knows who reads this. Lets just say politics in wrestling are a bitch. Right now im pissed. I want to make a list. A list of things i hate. In fact i am gonna do that right now.

#1- Politics in wrestling (Promoters putting friends over...just cuz they are friends.. or putting themselves over is a perfect example) JESUS CHRIST I HATE PROMOTIONS where the promoters think they are the stars of the show. it pisses me off.

#2- The fact that there will be Politics EVERYWHERE I GO. and i cant do a damn thing to help it.

#3- Promotions that copy what they see on TV. NAW is a perfect example

They had a group called the starliners. (4 guys who walked out in suits and did the strut and attacked everyone and cut long ass promos. Had the big guy hold the main title and never lose it.......... Had one guy who fucking did flairs fucking gimmick........JESUS) aka EVOLUTION

Then they had a Mexican guy (with a confederate flag tattooed on his forearm...go figure) Who couldnt think of a gimmick name.... so he was given the name GUERERRO...HMMMM... Now thats bad enuff UNTIL.... Just a 2 or 3 months ago he up and changed his gimmick and name from a mexican Hunter Guererro to......... get this...... An Arabian Hunter muhammed.. comes out looking just like muhammed hasan (however the fuck you spell it) Guys be original!!

#4- Rookies who think just cuz they go to boogies and get smoke blown up there ass they are the best thing to hit wrestling since the lock up.

#5- People who dont wrestle shows.... Dont go to shows..... dont even watch wrestling on tv... and call themselves wrestlers.

#6- people who use you to get into a federation then will stab you in the back to stay there.

#7- Promotions who try to COMPETE.... i mean work together assholes. there isnt a federation out there that can compete with WWE so why try. Why not work together and actually make a product that will make the crowd happy, not make them vomit!

#8- The fact that i am stuck in florida with no fucking friends and am missing probly the best year CWF has ever had... so it seems.

#9- The fact that i cant sleep comfortably anymore cuz my neck and my back are so messed up they cramp all the time... and a majority of that came from a move that i thought would make the crowd react good.... instead they yelled "HES NOT HURT. GET HIM OUTTA THE RING>>>> START THE NEXT MATCH." Fuck you assholes see if i do ANY of that shit for you slimbags again!


#11- People who wine if they dont get a singles match or if they dont get the match they wanted. I Have NEVER wined about a fucking match... Sure i have hated wrestling someone. and i have went to the promoter and told him how i felt. But i never sat there and threw a fucking fit... GET THE FUCK OVER IT. GROW UP and be professional. And as of right now i am not too excited about one of my upcoming matches but im gonna make the best out of it and deal with it like a MAN!!!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Lifestyle Change..

Now we are 3 weeks away from the big event. ETW's New Years Ball. (named that because we had 4 or 5 football players attending) I was still champion but the competitors were getting more desperate for gold. They started planning and scheming. They would attack one after another. But i made the rule only one at a time..........Thank God! But i managed to keep my hands on the title. We barely wrestled on the trampoline for the belt. We mostly did that for the people watching. We had a good crowd of 5-10 people a show (thats more then most indy shows these days) They came to see the high flying and stunts we did. All the matches were planned out in detail and stunts were death-defying. Examples of our stunts were jumping off the balcony 15 feet in the air, Moves done on the ground, and chairshots. That was it. But we did it GOOD. Some people tried to wrestle for the belt and didnt last 30 seconds. and they never wrestled again. Some people wrestled me for over 20 minutes and loved every second of it. But no matter who i never gave up. So three weeks go by and the event comes... We were so ready.. But it fucking rained.. FUCK THAT. So we stayed inside and had a lot of built up anger...Me, Matt, Donte, Calvin, and Matt Haynes (a short guy with a limp, awesome guy) Well everyone wanted the title so we went ahead and wrestled inside the house.. he had a big house with 2 floors and a basement. It started me and Calvin in the basement. I beat him but it was tuff. Then Matt Haynes attacked and we ended up on the 1st floor, and i beat him. Then Matt jumped ship and beat me senceless. He wasnt going for a submission this time. He was hitting big move after big move. Totally unlike his style. It was more Donte's style. So i wasnt ready for that. Then it happened. Before i knew it i had been Rock-Bottomed straight on the brick fireplace. How i dont know. It just happened. I was out on my feet. When he outta no where, grabbed my hand and gave up. (Chavo vs. Stevie Ray Finish in WCW) So im down and out basically but Matt knew he couldnt make me give up even in that situation. So he did a smart thing. Basically tagged Donte in. Donte picked me straight up hooked me for a double arm DDT. hooked my leg with his and fell to the floor. My head hit the floor hard, but that didnt effect me. It was Donte's knee in my balls. All my body weight was centered on my left BALL ON HIS KNEE. I gave up , before i could focus and center my mind. He won the title and didnt show up for 3 weeks. I was pissed!!!

Now 2 weeks before Christmas (3 before my birthday) My mom came home from Rehab. She got a new house in Salem. And appeared completely over the drug phase. So I did what i had to do and move back in with her. Giving her a second chance. Now things were a lot better, but something was still wrong. I couldnt put my finger on it but it was there. my mom started going to church more and having friends over. One of her friends was Edna (a very nice lady, only she had that overwhelming lesbian look. She was not hot, she was the Manly kind of lesbian.) But hey who my mom hangs out with is her deal. UNTIL Edna MOVED IN. I didnt even care cuz i knew my mom was no lesbian.... Shes a Christian. I was wrong. I never saw them kiss or do anything, i just knew. But something happened soon after my birthday that would teach me a lot of lessons the hard way. My mom went to JAIL!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Realizing Reality

In our minds, ETW was a running mate with ECW. We could do some amazing stuff. And of course take the worse beatings ever. But we had something they didnt. REAL Champions. Now i mean real champions as in.... if someone had a championship...they were always prepared for battle. It was my idea that every champion defended the belt 24/7 except if they were asleep. And everyone took advantage of that. Even people who werent in the federation. I was a founding father and the one who made all the rules... so i took it upon myself to make something to fight for. Now it was nothing like the belts we fight for today, but it had the same meaning in our hearts. That belt was the world to us..
Now to explain the belt........I took a 12 inch stovetop cover.... (very thin metal, the kind where it doesnt hurt to get hit with) I cut 4 long, narrow pieces of cardboard.. and put 2 rolls of ducktape all over the belt... To make it thick.. Then i cut out the words "HARDKORE CHAMPION" in shiny gold wrapping paper and taped it on. But that wasnt enuff.. I found a magazine that put wrestlers on Playing cards.. So i found each of the founding fathers favorite wrestler at the time and put it on the belt... Kane-Calvin, Rock- Donte, Mankind-ME, and Undertaker-Matt... But in the middle of the belt something was missing.... So i found my moms jewelry and i put her flashiest earrings and neckaces on the front.. So there was Real Gold on this belt...

Now there are only a short list of people who held this title and the reason being... You had to have the belt more then a week to have your name inscribed in the record books (a notebook with ETW on it) To find a first champion we had a 4 tournament matches and then the 4 fought in a fatal 4 way elimination... Last one being the champ... Well since me, matt, calvin, and donte actually knew what we were doing...we were the last 4. So we wrestled for a good hour and a half before i emerged victrious!! But only to be attacked NON STOP till dinner time. But i never gave up.. But i had to make a new rule..
New Rule #1 -If you fight for the title and lose you cannot fight again for 24hours.
Smartest thing i ever did #1
So everyday i had to anxiously await for someone to attack me.. and it just wasnt us 4.. People from school who just Heard about the belt would attack me.. I wrestled at lunch, after school, in gym.. But the weirdest thing is that a teacher actually challenged me.. I didnt accept cuz he was a former marine or something like that and coulda whooped my ass.. But it was great. I felt like a Star!

Now i was getting adjusted to living with my grandparents. They were old-school at the worst. I had a curfew of DARK. And had to check in every 30 minutes. How horrible is that. I was fucking 15. Damn. So i just played a lot of basketball and did what i could. It wasnt so bad. I just couldnt have friends over and had to watch Matlock a lot. But at least i had food and didnt have to steal. It was great at the same time it sucked cuz i couldnt have a life now. The only time i got to do anything was on weekends when i went to Matt's and school. And weekends was ETW Shows. So no time for girls.. UGH.. But i tried anyway.. I still had a thing for erin so i invited her over to play basketball at a friends house during a 30 minute check in period. She did. So get this... I went to check in for the 4th time after 2 hours and i come back to see her and my close friend making out...Talk about a broken heart.. I gave up on women and just focused on wrestling and video games... Mortal Kombat 3 was the newest thing and i was all over it.. This continued nonstop for 1 year.... until 3 weeks before my birthday!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Starting Over

Well as you can guess, my popularity at my school was finished. But i figured i only had a 2 more years before i could get a clean slate. For now though, i had to make new friends. This time my choices werent as plentyful. People still hated me, laughed at me, and picked on me. So i was beginning to notice the ugly side to those people, i didnt want to be friends with them in the first place if they are that hateful. So my true friends stuck by me.... all 4 of them. Erin, Matt, Calvin, and Donte. So i put my search for new friends off for a while and focused on the ones i had.
Just so you get an idea of who i am talking about:::

Erin Criss- Tall, slender, bronze tan all year, smart and sweet, Very good personality, but hot hot temper, She wrestled with me all the time and almost won a couple times at the time the strongest girl i knew. I had the biggest crush on her, but it never came to pass.

Matt Hampton- Tall, real skinny, nerdy glasses, total geek, total money hog...hes the type of guy that would rent a game and charge his friends to play it.... im serious he did that to me and i was dumb enuff to run up a tab..... i never payed him though. But he was overall a caring guy.

Calvin-Tall, Kinda muscular, total dumbass, randomly let out phrases that just had nothing to do with what was goin on... His favorite was "IM RODNEY KING, QUIT BEATIN ME" Dont ask cuz i still to this day dont know! But he was extremely playful and up for any kind of mischief we could get our hands on.

And lastly Donte- HUGE black guy who was 2 years younger then everyone else but 3 times bigger...height and weight... total wuss but great guy.. him and calvin always argued and he thought matt was queer!

oh and by the way Matt, Calvin, and Donte all had a thing for Erin too!

So we became a little click i guess. We all had our own group of friends but they all came second to each other. We always hung out and chilled together after school.

The wrestling around the neighborhood died eventually, so only Calvin knew how good i was getting. So i quit for a while and focused on just having fun. UNTIL Matt came home with a trampoline. OH GOD WAS THAT A GREAT DAY. We all had to get legal documents signed and dated from our parents before we got on stating that "We would not sue if we got hurt". But after that minor setback it was ON! At first it was just jumping and playing copycat. Fun stuff. Then it became who could front flip the best. None of us could do a backflip to save our lives. So that was about all we could do. So we enjoyed the trampoline to the fullest. It began to be a normal day to go to Matts, Jump for an hour, play Nintendo 64, and watch wrestling. One night we were all sitting down drinking Surge (that was such great drink) and watching Raw. Well Stone Cold came out and was talking to Vince and Backhand slapped him in the balls and said "BOW DOWN" Damn did that go over with everyone watching. And like Teenagers, we mimmicked what we saw. Well Tuesday was some School workday so we were all off from school. So we decided to go out again and jump with the spot light on us. It was cold but we could bear it. We were front flipping when out of no where Calvin slapped Matt in the balls as hard as he could and yelled "BOW DOWN" This was the first time i saw Matt cry. Also i started crying, cuz it was fucking hilarious! So in the heat of the moment i guess, Donte sees that im bent over laughin at Matt and decides he should do something. I look at Donte who just has this pissed off look on his face, he then flicks me off. I was about to say "what the fuck?" But before i could move my lips, i was getting kicked in the stomach (for real) then proceeded to get stunned (for real) Now even i knew the stunner didnt hurt but coming from a big black guy on a trampoline it hurt. His fat ass hit before i went all the way down, so his 213 lb frame was on its way up as i went down. His shoulder felt like it collapsed my windpipe. Then it broke out in to total chaos. Erin jumped down as Matt speared Calvin and tried to break his fingers and then i tried to superkick Donte's head off...Now at this point everything was real... But an hour later and after our tempers settled...we started calling moves and taking them willingly. Chokeslams, stunners, and dropkicks were the favorites.. And there it began. ETW was born. Extreme Trampoline wrestling.

But before i go to far, im sure your wondering how my homelife was goin now... Still the same as it was before only i didnt care as much. She wouldnt come back for days and i wouldnt care. I gave up on caring about her. I knew she was on drugs and just did not care. She neglected me, so i ignored her. It got so bad, that i had no food, no drinks, not even so much as a ketchup bottle in my fridge. So i did what i new how to do. Steal. Matt was a theif but he only stole small stuff like magazines and candy bars from Kroger. He taught me how to do that and i listened. Only instead of stealing stuff i wanted, i stole stuff i needed. Clothes, food, school supplies, and household items. I never got caught. I stole wrestling t-shirts, jeans, coats in the winter, shorts in the summer, bleach to do my laundry, turkey and mustard to make sandwhiches for lunch and a lot of neccesary things. And who was gonna stop me? My mother? HA she was too high to even care what i was doing with this stuff. Every once in a while she would come home give me 10 bucks and tell me to go get her food and i could keep the change. that was the extent of my money.

Finally my Grandparents got involved and told her she needed help, and she actually listened, Not that i cared. She went to rehab and i moved in with my grandparents. I was 15.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dream to Nightmare

During my intense 4 months of pain, i never really wrestled anyone except for my trainer. So i couldnt wait til i tested my new skills. I didnt wait to see someone wrestling, i straight up challenged them. Finally after being called stupid and being rejected a couple times, a guy named Cole accepted my challenge. So there i was getting my mind ready to counter his every move and slap on a boston crab (my self proclaimed finisher). So we started and he somehow got behind me, i was thinking so hard on how to reverse him moves, that he was doing differnent moves by the time i thought of a reversal.. So basically nothing had changed. I still got thrown around and pinned. The only difference was i knew the names of the moves he beat me with!..
I was totally bummed out. But i didnt quit challenging people. I swear i challenged every guy (and a couple girls) that passed me by. And i didnt win one time til i was 13 years old. I never gave up, i just never won. If Statmark was there my record woulda looked like
Overall Record: 0-2,153-2 (the 2 was when my mom made me come in cuz it was getting dark)
Singles Matches: 0-2153-2
Title Matches: 0-22-0
Pinfalls Lost: 2,153
Biggest Losing Streak: 2,153

So at the age of 13 i was still challenging and losing. I made a lot of friends from challenging popular guys though. But something happened that excited and scared me. I challenged one of my best friends at the time Calvin. He had beaten me countless times with ease. We always trash talked each other but he did most of the talking as he was whooping my ass. Well this match was different, he was winning (as usual) and trash talking(as usual) Only this time he started talking shit about my father. And before i knew it my anger and rage took over and i had him in the boston crap and was putting full force into that move. And anyone that has ever been put in that move for real,knows it can be damaging if too much pressure is applied. And i was leaning back so hard he tapped. It happened so fast that when the 4 people that were watching were cheering, i was standing there wondering what just happened. I asked him if he was alright and i looked into his eyes and i saw tears. Not because of the loss but because of the pain in just inflicted in a fit of rage. It scared me. But it didnt stop me.

Next time i saw Cole, I challenged him again. This time i had a plan. I let him make his move and then i blanked out....and all i heard in my mind was that one filthy comment about my father made by calvin.... It infuriated me and by the time i zoned back into real time. Cole was laying on the ground out of breath holding his back. So without hesitation i jumped on him turned him over and applied the crab. He tapped. I was Happy this time and boy did i celebrate. My friend Erin told me that i german suplexed him to make him lose his breath.... She said it was ugly... But it was effective nonetheless. I didnt care how or why i did it, I WON thats all that matters.
Then i went on my first winning streak, I didnt have to challenge people anymore... They challenged me. I had pride and i was beginning to be pretty popular in my middle school.

But as my ego was getting a push, my homelife was getting jobbed out. I began to notice my mom was never home. I didnt know where she went or when she would be back. So i would have to cook my own dinner and do laundry and clean and basically everything bymyself. I didnt question it i just went with it. This went on til i was in 8th grade. I had gotten so popular in my school that i felt like a Star. It was great. But things at home were getting really bad. I had to go to my friends to eat dinner cuz we had no food or drink. My usual dinner when my friends were busy was a glass of SlimFast. Its sad, But true. My clothes were getting ripped up and i didnt know how to fix them, and i had no money to get new ones. So i basically just delt with it.
My family started visiting me more and more, like they were checking on me or something. I didnt get it. Then my aunt came to me and told me my mother was using drugs. Not just any drugs, Crack. Of course i didnt believe that. My mother is a christian and would never do that. So i told my mother what my aunt said and she blew up. So she started staying at home more. But things didnt get better, they got worse. She slept all day, Ordered me to do the dishes, Made me stay in my room for periods of time, never let any of my friends over and never let me go out. It was like i was doing everything i did when she wasnt there, only someone was cussing and screaming at me while i was doing it.
Well I didnt care, i still had my friends and my popularity. (it sounds conceited but its true)
Now i have woken up and had days that changed my life for the worse before, But this one has lifetime drama all over it.
I went to school as usual, only when i walked through the doors, the stares, snickers, dirty glances, laughter, and curses filled my sences. I didnt know what was goin on. Until at lunch my middle school best friend Matt came up and said "dude I thought you were in the hospital?" I laughed and said he was stupid...But he wasnt kidding. "Dude your mom called my parents last night and told them you got hit by a car and needed immediate surgery. And then told us that she didnt have the money to cover it... so my parents gave her a 100 Bucks!!!" I thought it was a joke but he was seriously mad. I said "i dont know what to say". So i went to Erin and told her what happened. Before i finished the sentence she stopped me and told me the same thing...Only her parents gave my mom 50 bucks. So when i got home i found my little phonebook open and checks by thenames.MY MOM HAD CALLED EVERY FRIEND, EVERY GIRL, EVERY PERSON I KNEW and told them i had a disease, or i was in an accident, or i was close to death...and asked for money! WHAT A BITCH! I had went from popular to a loser in one night. I wanted to kill her. But what i did and said to her when i got home, suprised even me... I did and said absolutley Nothing.... Why i dont know. I guess i just couldnt rip her heart out and show it to her before she died....She was my mother.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fullfilling the Promise

On the long car ride home, i remember hoping this was still just a joke and that my father would be at home waiting on me to arrive. Even though i knew in my heart it wasnt. I got home around noon, and was shocked to see my mother throwing away most of my father's belongings. I just sat in the car and watched her unload pile after pile of my dads most precious awards and trophies. He was a wonderful Bowler and had trophies as tall as he was. But to see them all in piles to be thrown out was heartbreaking. I was outraged. So i walked to the house (its an apartment actually) And asked my mom what she was doing. I pretended i didnt understand just to see if she would tell the truth. She did. She told me that having all these things around her all the time was too painful. To me at that point it was a good enuff answer, even though i wish i woulda kept some of them. well about 2 o clock i remember taking a nap, waking up, and being completely overwhelmed with rage, i mean to the point where i was shaking. I didnt know why, i dont think i dreamt anything but something inside me was ready to let loose some agression that had been balled upin me for a while. So i got up and snuck out of the house (hey i was only 10!). My intentions were to just walk it off and stay calm. But what i came across changed my life forever. Several neighborhood kids were standing around watching two guys beat the living crap out of one another... or so i thought. They were actually backyard wrestling! Right then i remembered my promise to become a wrestler. So i asked if i could join in. They made fun of me because i was so young and really small. So i made some remarks about their mothers that encouraged them to let me get in on the action. Now remember im a 10 year old with no experience in wrestling except with my motionless dad and a 5 foot stuffed animal. SO they beat the shit outta me, slammed me, suplexed me, hurt me to the point i cried. But i never gave up. I did that for about a year straight before a guy who was training professionally (AT BOOGIES I MIGHT ADD) invited me to his back pourch which he turned into a minature wrestling ring. I mean for a 16 year old guy, he was rich. His parents owned the apartment complex we were living in. So he had everything, even a ring. No ropes, but a ring nonetheless. And there he taught me some submission holds so i wouldnt get thrown around so much. And so i listened and learned, i got stretched, and stretched, and stretched, until my body felt no pain when these moves were applied.... I was 11 and a half now and after 4 months of intense training (on a 11 year old level) I felt like i could take on the world, so i did. One backyard at a time!


It was early one Summer Tuesday Morning when there was a knock on the door. I was upstairs in my parents room watching "whos the boss"! Well i waited til commercial cuz i was in love with alyssa milano (however you spell it) I went downstairs and was thrilled to see my 4 aunts and my grandfather and grandmother! I just knew if they came over then they would bring my cousins and then we could play!!! I ran down the stairs with the greatest intentions to play, but was shocked to see to mother on her knees crying as my grandparents comforted her. I walked in the room and before i could ask why she was crying, she grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug and said softly "your dad is with God now" I didnt cry. I just stood there thinking "this must be a joke". My aunt then took me to her house for about a week to give my mother time to settle down. On the car ride to my Aunt's house i remember staring blankly out the window thinking why all this was happening to me? SO i ended up staying with my aunt for like 2 weeks...I felt like an outsider...even with my own family. They did their best to comfort me, it just didnt work. I cried myself to sleep night after night. Nothing helped ease my pain. So i did what i could to take my mind off the pain. I hid my feelings. For a young kid i knew a lot about life and death at that point and i just knew everyone around me was going to die eventually, and that killed me to think that. But i couldnt help it. I ended up playing nintendo and shooting basketball on a 5 foot hoop that had no net....bymyself for hours! Finally after being alone for so long surrounded by family, It was time to go back home!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


My earlies memories probly start when i was about 6 or so. I was like every other kid in my neighborhood. I played video games, attempted to wrestle with the older kids on the playground, didnt listen to mom or dad, got punished, basically a normal life. I remember watching old school WWF on Sunday mornings and WCW on Tuesday nights.... i think it was called "Clash of the Champions" I wasnt really into the wrestling as much as i was into the gimmicks. I loved Sting and Rick Rude and of course hated Ric Flair. I loved wrestling so much i bought wrestling figures and made my bed into a ring with yarn and wrapping paper rolls. But i didnt like wrestling thin air..... So i begged my dad for something or someone to wrestle. So my father being 6'4, 340 pounds, said that he would be my opponent. So night after night my dad would put on a movie and lay there motionless why i did my best to put him in the figure four or the boston crab (even though i had no clue what they were called back then) and he would proceed to watch the movie not even budging. Until one faithful night when i applied a half boston crab and did it Right and just fell straight back using all my wieght and force.... I was 9 so i didnt have much but it was enuff to pull my fathers muscle....he was a little hurt but i think he was more proud then anything.......The next day i got promoted! I went from wrestling the champion (my dad) to wrestling a jobber (a 5 foot tall Wiley Coyote Stuffed Animal) With long arms and long legs to easily bend and slam. I beat him down all over the house, all over the yard, and even took him to the beach to clobber him some more. Then it happened. One Tuesday night my father and I were sitting there watching Clash of the Champions, and of course, i was imitating everything i saw to my jobber. I remember it like it was yesterday... First there was the clothesline, then the double axe handle, then the figure four, then the Stinger Splash.... Then i saw a move that was new to me.....The Camel Clutch! So i was sitting there for at least 10 minutes trying to grasp the concept! (thats long for a 9 year old) So there i was....wrestling was off the tv and my dad was enjoying me struggle with this move.... finally i gave up and put both arms around Wiley's neck and wrapped my legs around Wiley's Body and proceeded to rip poor Wiley's head off....Literally! Well I stood there crying like a little baby, holding Wiley's head in my shaking hands. My mom started picking up the stuffing and tried to fix him while my father lifted me on his lap. Once he stopped laughing he said to me "Son, Your gonna be a good wrestler one day. Just make me a promise." I said "ok what is it daddy" He leaned over and whispered in my ear "Promise me you will become a wrestler and never give up.....EVER!" He whispered it into my ear to make me think it was a huge secret from mom but did it to where she heard everything...But i didnt notice.... So i agreed and gave him the pinky swear... Two months later he passed away in a Truck Accident.